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eBay is the oldest internet business founded in 1995. The founder and chairman of eBay Pierre Omidyar started the website from his living room on September 3, 1995, by the name ‘AuctionWeb’. eBay started its business by allowing individuals or businesses to sell new and used products online through the auction for a low fee. This unique business plan is the major reason for its success. The first product posted and auctioned on eBay was a broken laser pointer at $15. Carving a niche in the toy collector market, eBay creates a revolution for rare toy collections. In 1996 the first president of eBay was appointed, later the year company entered into a third-party licensing deal to sell plane tickets and other travel products.

Meg Whitman was appointed in 1998 as eBay president and CEO, by that time company has 30 employees, half a million users and $4.7 million revenue in the U.S.

The product categories were then expanded beyond collectibles into everything saleable. In October 2002, the company bought PayPal. By early 2008, the company counted hundreds of millions of registered users, 15000+ employees and revenue of $7.7 billion. It’s been 21 years since the release of the website and the business is still growing.

Do you know why eBay is so popular? Which are the best features of eBay website? Do you want to have a website same as eBay? Do you know the features you can ask your web development company to add in your e-commerce website?

Following are the 5 features that you can try from eBay:

Advanced search:

Advanced search

On the far right of the home page of eBay next to the search box is an option available called ‘advanced’. Clicking on it will open eBay search box that provides searches by buying format, price range, the currency of sale, location and much more. The visitor can make the search as complex as required by using the millions of options available. The visitor can fill out some or all of the boxes available for searching the right product. The more boxes are filled, the more precise will be the search. After filling all the search preferences click the search button and the results will be displayed. An advanced search option has given a better shape in searching for a product. Just give the details you know about your product and see the product on your screen within seconds.

Managing multi store:

Managing multi store

Opencart is a shopping cart solution giving the ability to make the business search engine friendly with a welcoming and inviting user interface. The built-in SEO helps in easy manage of products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more. The administrator dashboard of the website gives all the important information providing an important overview with sales analytics, total orders, customers, people online etc. It makes managing multiple stores from one admin interface. Admin can choose a different theme for each store and can localize store settings. Opencart helps affiliates to promote specific products and get paid for this. Opencart offers different payment options such as bank transfer, cheque, and PayPal.

Responsive design:

Responsive design

The eBay website has a responsive design; it works well on both website and mobile. The website looks great regardless of the screen size or type of the device. The responsive website design (web-development) decreases the loading time of the web page compared to non-responsive websites. The design structure of the website adjusts in a manner that helps mobile buyers to view product images, description, and other information. The responsive structure of the eBay helps in displaying the best relevant search results.

eBay Bucks and PayPal Credit(formerly known as ‘Bill Me Later’):

eBay Bucks and PayPal Credit

eBay bucks is a reward program that lets the customer earn points on purchases. The customer has to first sign up for the program. Whenever the customer buys something a percentage of the price of the product is converted into eBay bucks. The customer can use the eBay bucks after earning $5 or more. Bill me later is a PayPal credit which provides flexibility in billing. PayPal provides all the protection to bill me later to ensure the security of the ban accounts of the client. It doesn’t require any account number to entering or long credit applications to fill out. The payment option is available at the checkout step.

eBay instant sale:

eBay instant sale

Reselling products has never been easy. But eBay has made it easier for us. Buying and selling secondhand products like mobiles, tablets, shoes, books, kitchenware etc is done without any major communication problem or bargain issues. The instant sale process is very smooth just load the name of the product and mention its condition (options are available as poor/good/fair/excellent). Click on the calculate button and the estimator’s reply will come back instantly. The buyer has five days to reject the offer, within five days the product will be shipped back to the seller free of cost. Buying stuff from instant sell has two options: bidding and directly buying. The buyer can place a bid if the item is available in the auction, just enter your highest price you want to pay for the product and the eBay’s bidding system will bid on the item till it reaches the maximum price.

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