Today people are opting for self-made business instead of working nine to five. That is why startups are increasing day by day. According to a study, fifty percent of the startup ideas die on the paper before launching and thirty percent die in the market after the launch. Presently having a startup is not enough, marketing is the key factor. What is the point of opening a business if no one knows about it? Your customers should have knowledge about your services and products.

Having a startup means to fight for survival; there would be thousands of similar businesses already succeeding in the market. To attain a triumph you should be aware of the tactics to set yourself apart from the competition. Providing best services to customers is one of them. Now the question arises how you can provide anytime service to your customers? The ultimate answer for this is mobile applications. A dedicated Mobile application will let you interact with your customers, vendors or the wholesalers related to your business. The shift of online activity to mobile has ended up making the websites insufficient for any businesses. The rise in mobile phone usage has made mobile apps a key marketing tool for startups. By using latest features and trends like mobile scheduling, remainders, and mobile payments.

Another scenario that comes to our mind is: what if the app failed? There are many apps which don’t give the real time output after the launch. When your app crashes it negatively affects the potential customers. Most apps are poorly researched and badly executed as a result apps failed to give the desired output. In spite of spending fortune amount on design, development and marketing of your application it crashes. There can be multiple reasons for the failure of any application based on the type of industry and usage of the app. We had made a research of all the possibilities of failure of any application and then come up with following 7 reasons.

Reasons behind the most mobile app failure:

  1. Inappropriate platform selection
  2. Low app performance
  3. Deficient app version updates
  4. Improper mobile marketing plan
  5. Poor designing
  6. Low user experience
  7. Inaccurate testing

What is the benefit of crying over the split milk? It’s better to be safe and for your safety, we have a set of quality standards that every startup should check before selecting the company for the app development:

Proven track records:

A company to provide the best result should have a positive history record of providing successful results in integrating various technologies and working on different infrastructure platform along with all size of company from startups to corporate. Before selecting the company, analyze its websites and other websites to check the reviews about the company. Try to contact the early customers of the company to get the exact idea of how the company works.

Quick turnaround:

In the world of rat race if your company is not giving you the output within the decided time then there are sure chances that your application will fail. How quickly the company responds to the demand of customer is an important aspect. This is because today time is more important than money; customers can adjust with little more money but cannot afford a little time wastage. The success of turnaround strategy depends on a commitment by the company. So make sure to discuss all the possibilities related to the commitment issues before selecting any company.

Strategic focus:

In order to work effectively, a company must have its vision, mission and passion clearly define. There must be a roadmap to follow for every company. If the company is not sure about the direction they will work in then the project will never be completed on time. The company should have a well-defined structure of what to achieve and how to achieve. You can never reach your destination without knowing the path of that.


In the world of technology change and evolution are important terms. And if a company is not evolving with the latest technologies and trends then there is no point of dealing with it. In the world of android7.0 if your app is only compatible with android 5.0 then what is the scope of it? You will lose fifty percent of your customers as your application will not run on their device.


A portfolio represents the company, stronger the portfolio, better the company. A portfolio represents skills, qualifications, education, and experience. Presently a portfolio is the most basic thing for any company. Companies find it an effective way to show-off their work. If a company doesn’t have a suitable portfolio then it is a proof that they haven’t work enough to show.


Communication is a crucial link between developer and the client, there should be a constant contact with the project manager. The project manager should guide the client through the whole process and should be available for all the queries. Open communication is very necessary to get what you want. If a company says that they need just the business details and they will make the app by themselves then you will never get what you desired. You should work with a company that interacts with you at each phase of development cycle in order to provide what you want.

Cross platform app development:

Cross platform app means an app which can run on all the devices. There is no need for any modifications or changes to run your app on other devices. Gone are the days when people used to believe that only android and ios platform is enough. To get the maximum reach for your customers you should have a platform that can run on any platform ios, android, Symbian, blackberry, windows etc.

So now you have it- the most important things to check for in the mobile development company. Consider all the points to look for when choosing a company for your mobile app. Is there any important point you think I missed? Please let me know by commenting below.

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