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In the technically knowledgeable world today, survival of the fittest is changed to the survival of the quickest; on the grounds that time is the most important resource today. The execution of your site is specifically relative to the transformation of visitors to clients. Do you know 40 % of your site guest left the site on the off chance that it takes over 2 seconds to load? Furthermore, around 48 % of the guests won’t come back to the site in the event that it is moderate or has poor execution

Speedy Fact: Google gives the higher positioning to the sites that meet the AMP prerequisite. As it gives better versatile experience to the clients.

So how to build a quick and performing site? Or, how to make my current site quicker? The Answer is: “Google AMP”.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP is an open source system; made for the engineers to make quick stacking pages with static substance. How can it work? The appropriate response is “Diet” version of the content, stored by Google. The Diet version of the content is used to speed up the load time whenever mobile pages are accessed of a WordPress Website.

WordPress + AMP = Complete Enterprise Website

Today, all the main ventures, organizations and new companies are selecting WordPress for their business site. WordPress is picking up a solid position in the scene of business CMS. AMP is boosting the execution of WordPress sites to another level. With the advantages like better Google positioning and quicker page stacking; WordPress quickened versatile pages are producing income higher than any time in recent memory.

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Focal points of google AMP pages:

  1. Accelerates site stacking time
  2. Builds portable positioning
  3. Enhances server execution

Pondering about building up an AMP page for your business or AMP integration in your current WordPress site? You have two options:

  1. Do it all alone (despite the fact that it may give you a cerebral pain).
  2. Offer it to us (we will bear your cerebral pain)

In the event that you are going for OPTION 1; then here are the steps to take after:

To begin with, Let’s analyze an AMP page:

A consistent AMP page comprises of three attributes. All the three center components together enhance the site speed, content conveyance, and versatile experience.

HTML: AMP HTML is like HTML with some custom properties and labels in charge of its quicker stacking.
JavaScript: AMP JS deals with non-concurrent stacking and treatment of assets.
Content Delivery Network (CDN): AMP CDN is utilized to reserve the AMP Pages and make some execution improvements.


System Requirements

  • PHP 5.5.x

Modular Requirements

  • AMP Theme
  • Composer Manager

Library Requirements (Handled by Composer Manager)

Installation of AMP and configuration with the website:

1. Log-into the WP-Admin of your WordPress website.
2. Go to the “plugins” tab, click on the “add new” button.
3. In the search box, type “AMP”, from the list of AMP plugins, select the AMP toolbox plugin.
4. Click on the install button and once the installation is complete; click on “Activate” button.
5. Once the installation is completed; you will get a notification “it requires the following plugin: AMP”.
6. Click on begin installing plugin to install and activate the plugin.
7. Go to the dashboard you will see the AMP menu among the left options.
8. Click on the “AMP” option to configure the AMP settings.

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