Have you ever thought of meeting your project developing company? Did you know why it is important to know about the company you are dealing with? What are the benefits of interacting with the company?

Project meetings are an integral part of project development cycle. A single in-person meeting with the company can save many future issues. A project whether it is a website or an application has two elements a developing company and a client. It is necessary to have a clear communication between the both. Interaction can be based on any communication method like voice calling, video calling, meeting face-to-face and messages. Meeting the company personally, the client can explain the needs and the requirements of the project. Project meetings are not only beneficial for the company but are also important for the clients.Following is the explanation of how a meeting can help both the client and the company.

  • Client-side

    The client can explain project more nicely. It is a well-known fact that we can explain ourselves better when we are in front of the person. To keep the company at the same page it is very necessary to explain them your project. The client can take with it different facts, cuttings, drawing layout and then can explain what they exactly think of doing. The client can prepare all the information and data before hand and then use it during the explanation of the project. Meeting the sales team of the company will give you the idea about the behavior of the company. The client can check many things about the company at the first meeting only about the punctuality, the working methods they follow and the knowledge of the employees.

  • Company-side

    The developers at the company get to know the exact concept of the functioning of the project. The company working on your website will get a clear idea about the requirements of your project. Any doubt regarding the project can be discussed at that instant only and both can share their point of view. Both the parties can resolve and talk about the future issues.

Following are some questions that client can ask during the project meetings:


What are the communication tools and the flow structure the company is using?

The client should know the communication protocols the company is using. The communication tools like Skype, Emails, Google hangouts etc company is using are very important. For having the knowledge of the progress of project the communication flow is also important.

What Type Of Process Model Will Be Used?

The process model for any project development is very necessary. The model company is following describes the flow of the development. Most common process models are waterfall model, iterative model, and V-model.

How Will The Workflow Be Managed?

Managing workflow requires process management mechanisms. A good mechanism will help the client to keep an eye on the progress of the project.

Who Is Responsible For The Project?

The client can ask to have the contact details of the project manager or a person working on their project which is available to answer all the queries. So that any query or issue can be resolved in the least time possible.

How can all of the Requirements be met?

The client can ask the possibilities of fulfilling all the requirement and what are the alternatives for the requirements that won’t be possible. The client can ask about the methods or techniques the company will be following to meet all the requirements.

How Are Project Priorities Translated Into Iterations, Estimations, and Processes?

How the project development process will flow is a crucial question and it is necessary to know the exact idea of how the things will go in the project.

How Will The Final Product Be Distributed?

Getting the information of about the testing techniques will be an effective way. The client can ask how beta testing will be performed and tell the company what they are expecting in terms of maintenance and updates.

These are the crucial questions that a client can while meeting the project company. Constant interaction between client and company is very crucial for a successful project.

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