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Frustrated with responding to thousands of fans from all the social media platforms? Looking for an innovative way of connecting with your audience? Are you still relying on your blog (website), Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for your posts and announcements?

Then you need to enter into the era of mobile communication. You must be wondering, I already have a website which is mobile responsive, I have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram which works on mobile only then what is left for mobile communication.

You are missing an important entity “mobile app”. Today, all the great influencers around the world are utilizing the better connectivity provided by mobile app development companies. So, if you are not taking advantage of new technologies or just started thinking of it, you are inviting dead end of your web presence. Check out on Appstore or Playstore your competitor is already a step ahead of you. You will find 4 out of 5 competitors will have a mobile presence. Yes, 80% are ahead of you.

The mobile device is now not an emerging technology but it’s now part of our daily needs. We are spending more and more time on mobile devices to get various industry news, online shopping or using creative apps to increase our productivity.

Just like other businesses, mobile presence is equally important for bloggers. The mobile compatible website is not enough for your readers stick with you but how easy they can know about your new content is more important.

Whether you are a foodie blogger, tech blogger, travel blogger or financial adviser blogger, you need to keep your subscribers up-to-date with new things and updates in your industries. In such case, your presence on playstore and iTunes is a must.

Working with leading bloggers, we know what bloggers and their subscribers are looking for in the app. We have nicely polished Android and iOS version to create most handy blogging apps. Check out the must-have features in a blogger’s mobile app:

  • Latest Post: Your app should display the latest posts from your blog on the main screen of the app which helps them to get fresh contents easily.
  • In App Post Reading: Your reader do not require to leave the app to read full blog post. Your application should show the entire blog posts within the app itself.
  • Blog Comments: The app should allow your readers to read as well as post comments on blog post. We know the importance of comments on your blog.
  • Category/Tag: Your application must provide easy browsing of your blog posts by categories as well as tags.
  • Search: Search by keyword feature will help your readers to find out interesting blog posts based on their interests.
  • Search:Support Custom Post Type: An Android and iOS app support custom posts. So now you don’t have to worry about custom post type you have in your WordPress Blog.
  • Offline Reading: Within the app, allow your readers to save any blog post for offline reading just like Pockets or Zite.
  • Favorite Blog Posts: Just like offline reading, your readers can easily mark any interesting blog post as a favorite. They can read all such blog posts easily.
  • Blog Sharing: Sharing of your blog post among various social media channels can be easily done with our app. It helps you to increase your overall blog popularity.
  • Aweber Subscription: Growing subscriber’s list is the biggest challenge for bloggers. We allow Aweber integration within the app for easy subscription of your blog.
  • Push Notification: integration of a reliable push notification service with the app is necessary as it allows the readers to get instant push alert whenever you publish a new blog post.
  • Google Analytics: if your app is integrated with Google Analytics then you don’t have to stress about the traffic of your blog.

Being a leader in mobile apps development in Australia , we better know how your blogging app should look like and what are the “must-have” features you need in your apps? Working with most famous tech blogger and financial adviser blogger, We have developed more comprehensive and functionality rich Android and iOS apps which are now ready to white label for your blog.

Still, have any doubts? Talk to us and find the best mobile app developers in Australia for free and they will guide you the right direction for your requirements and need of a mobile app.

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